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Creating Quality offers a venue for teachers, community educators, artists, principals, researchers, nonprofit and civic leaders, policymakers, and others to learn about, collaborate on, and share strategies for ensuring that our children receive the best possible education.

We've designed Creating Quality to be a hands-on, participatory experience. Ask questions. Share experiences. Learn from others. We encourage you to engage with other users of the site as you progress on your journey to strengthen your educational system.

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Why Quality Matters

When we engage in high-quality teaching and learning, we increase students’ ability to explore and solve problems, design a better future, express themselves, experience beauty, imagine possibilities, and be inspired. Research shows creative children have more consistent school attendance, higher academic achievement, and may be primed for greater leadership and community involvement.

To reap these benefits, educators and students must engage in high-quality teaching and learning. This site outlines a community-driven process for creating quality through observation, discussion, and action.

How to Evaluate Quality

Cycle of Quality Improvements

Improving Teaching and Learning

This process has four distinct entry points. Begin where your objectives and resources best align.


Who's Creating Quality

Read how different cities collaborate to build creative futures for all citizens.