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By whatsnew - 10/18/2011 2:43 PM -
The CQ, or the Creating Quality site, is a set of resources that are commonly owned and shared. Big Thought wants this site to operate like a "commons" or public park that locals and visitors use in a variety of ways. In Dallas, school district and cultural community members have invested almost 5 years creating the foundation of this site. Others around the country have weighed-in and informed our thinking as they’ve participated as National Quality Review Panelists or shared their challenges and wins as they’ve worked to improve quality in their communities. All are owners and co-laborers in this work. Many of you have been pursuing quality teaching and learning for a long time but we haven’t previously met. Others of you are new to this work and wondering where to dig-in and what holes might be avoided. This site serves as a common meeting ground for everyone to share and exchange ideas, thoughts and resources. Please let us know what you like about the site and where we can revise and improve....

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