Participants may discuss the following, depending on your goals for the process:
  • current quality of teaching and learning in one or more disciplines,
  • challenge and expectations for student performance across grades,
  • relationship (or lack thereof) between in- and out-of-school programs,
  • models of excellence in classrooms, schools, or programs, and
  • district and national standards for teaching and learning.
These conversations will help inform your community’s definition of quality.
These videos discuss the benefits of the process and its results, providing useful talking points as you reach out to potential participants.

“We think about the different content areas or disciplines that practitioners represent. They bring that expertise to the table. This work needs to speak across settings--in-school, afterschool, or summer--but it needs to speak across disciplines. We're stronger when we speak a common language.”

Jennifer Bransom
Jennifer Bransom
Director, Program Accountability
Big Thought