This creating quality process involves a serious commitment of time and intellectual energy, so participation should have some built-in rewards.

Meetings should be arranged so individuals have opportunities to learn from experts, network with other professionals in similar and diverse fields, and identify new ideas for their own work.

Encouraging shared dialogue that gives everyone a chance to learn from each other and reflect on the impact of their work on students is engaging and meaningful for participants.

Demonstrate your appreciation for participants’ work by:
  • scheduling meetings at convenient times,
  • sending an agenda in advance,
  • starting meetings on time,
  • providing meals or snacks when possible, and
  • following up with notes and information that participants can use.

These videos discuss the professional development, networking and learning opportunities that participants in the process enjoy.

“Being able to meet administrators through this panel and building relationships with new people in the school district has been invaluable. Meeting the teachers and seeing the needs based on what’s happening in classroom has been instrumental in helping us develop programs for our K-12 audience.”

Scott Winterrowd

Scott Winterrowd

Curator of Education
Meadows Museum