Whether you are striving to improve quality at a single site or across a large community, you’ll want to engage individuals with varied perspectives. Participants should possess different
  • academic backgrounds
  • specializations
  • cultural expertise
  • civic knowledge
  • job titles
It is important to include leaders, such as
  • lead teacher
  • administrator
  • cultural organization director
  • policymaker
  • community leader
They can help recruit others and advocate for recommendations that emerge.

These videos explain why principals, community artists and other education stakeholders value participation in the creating quality process.

Tools & Resources

These resources will help you determine who to involve in your process to ensure its success.

How to Engage Your Community
This presentation is a step-by-step process for identifying members of your community who can best support your efforts.

Letter Inviting Others to Help Create Quality
This template allows you to customize an invitation letter to community members outlining how they can take part in discussions, give feedback, and inform your community’s investment in quality.  

Letter Confirming Creating Quality Participation

This template allows you to customize a letter to participants in your process confirming the time, location, directions, and other details of the meetings.

“Thriving Minds is a city wide partnership. Our stakeholders include the school district, cultural institutions, individual artists, the parks and recreation department, the library, etc. We look to engage people who others in the community respect and follow.”

Jennifer Bransom

Jennifer Bransom

Director, Program Accountability
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