Since 2008 Thriving Minds After School has provided a creative, active and hands-on environment to support students' learning. After academic tutoring, students spend two hours collaborating with community artists and educators to connect their academic studies with artistic, scientific and social skills development. 

Thriving Minds After School learning directly supports in-school curriculum and student achievement. In addition, the staff, instructors and community partners work to establish relationship with each student in order to support their individual well being. 

Students at each center participate in a balance of activity types to ensure students have an opportunity to engage in multiple ways and exercise different kinds of intelligence. With the input from the local campus, students and parents, activities are selected to address student and community needs.


Theater in after-school - (c) by Gorden

By the Numbers

2,892 Elementary School
   743 Middle School
39 Site Mangers
263 Instructors
185 Site Guides
360 hrs Elementary School
360 hrs Middle School
  Staff Training:
83 hrs Site Managers
22 hrs Instructors
21 hrs Site Guides
31 Elementary Schools
  8 Middle Schools
  Cultural Partners:
38 organizations

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Adult Benefits
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After School Learning Locations
This map illustrates each of the locations where after school learning takes place across Dallas.