Big Thought is proud to announce the launch of its first Teaching Artist Fellowship Program.  This Fellowship will be comprised of 10 community teaching artists committed to developing policy and professional practice that supports the growing field of teaching artistry.

This inquiry-based program has been designed to deepen knowledge and skills in each fellow’s discipline; improve their teaching and learning practice, as well as facilitate the mentoring of other community instructors through Big Thought’s established quality assessment system. Selected participants will be assigned to Big Thought after school programs where they will implement this professional training service through our practical and research-focused learning program over the entire school year.

In addition to teaching a minimum of 10 hours in the classroom each week, click here to see the calendar of various workshops and performances they will be leading as well as taking part in!
Back Row (L to R): Alan Jay Palmer, Daniel de Cordoba, Phyllis Cicero, Ashley Renee Watkins, Alan Gann, Evan Cleveland, Marcello Pope, David Goodwin. Front Row (L to R): Philomena Jones, Frida Lozano

The Fellows

Daniel de Cordoba (Dancer) - Placed at Cochran Elementary School

Philomena Jones (Literature/Visual Art) - Placed at Cary and Hill middle schools

Alan Palmer (Jazz Musician) - Placed at Stockard Middle School

David Goodwin (Writer) - Placed Titche/MS rotation/DaVerse Lounge

Marcello Pope (Visual Art) - Placed at Carpenter Elementary

Alan Gann (Writer) - Placed at Comstock Middle School and Ireland Elementary School

Phyllis Cicero (Theater) - Placed at Alexander Elementary School

Frida Lozano (Theater/Visual Arts) - Placed at Young Elementary School

Evan Cleveland (Writer) - Placed at Young and Mills

Ashley Watkins (Opera Singer) - Placed at Obama Male Leadership Academy and Dallas Opera Education Department