Creativity Across the Disciplines, an undergraduate course at The University of Texa at Dallas, explores creativity across various fields. Dr. Richard Scotch leads the course in collaboration with Big Thought staff members Jennifer Bransom and Krissi Oden.

Each week a different guest speaker gives students a reading assignment that illustrates creativity within their field of work. Students read and blog their thoughts and questions online. Then, the speaker and students meet for 50 minutes to unpack and explore creativity, and how it relates to the guest speaker's experience and work.

Check out the class readings and blog in the Tools and Resources Library to learn more.
These are selected videos from the Creativity Across the Disciplines course.  Each guest speaker highlights the importance of creativity and how it can be used in his/her repective field.

Guest Speakers

Jennifer Bransom:  Director, Program Accountability, Big Thought

Richard Scotch:  School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas

Matthew Polze:  School of Management (Law & Management; Management Honor Program Director), University of Texas at Dallas

Homer Montgomery:  School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Science & Math Education; UTeach Dallas), University of Texas at Dallas

Magdalena G. Grohman: School of Arts & Humanities (Psychology; Center for Values in Medicine, Science, & Technology)

Fred Curchak:  School of Arts & Humanities (Theater)

Fred Grinnell:  UT Southwestern Medical Center (Cell Biology; Bioethics)

Pam Gossin:  School of Arts & Humanities (History of Science; Literature and Science)

Monica Evans:  School of Arts & Humanities (ATEC; Computer Game Development)

Lawrence J. Overzet:  School of Engineering and Computer Sciences (Electrical Engineering; Plasma Technology)

Bonnie Pitman(Author and Past Director, Dallas Museum of Art)