Summer is a make or break season for youth. Research shows that during this critical time students can lose months of knowledge when not engaged in
educational activities.

Since Summer 2010 Big Thought, the Dallas Independent School District and organizations across Dallas have worked together to develop an instructional model that:

  • builds a culture of collaboration among teachers,
  • improves student achievement, and
  • alters the perception of summer school as punitive.
  • Since Summer 2010, set out to reinvent summer school to create Thriving Minds Summer Camps.

Together, we have all taken responsibility for students’ summer learning opportunities.

In this video, a Dallas ISD teacher and arts integration specialist from the Thriving Minds Summer Camp talks about the benefits of project based summer learning, particularly the effect that it has had on the students.

By the Numbers

8,064 Elementary School
2,036 Middle School
1,225 teachers and staff
128 hrs Elementary School
  80 hrs Middle School
  Training for Adults:
 Between 16-32 hrs            
17 Elementary Schools
  9 Middle Schools
14 Community Sites
  Cultural Partners:
20+ organizations

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Benefits for Students

Benefits for Adults

Summer Camp locations
This map illustrates each of the locations where summer learning took place across Dallas in 2011.